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Laneige water sleeping mask 15ml


Masker tidur fungsional, dengan tiga teknologi dipatenkan eksklusif yang bekerja secara sinergi untuk sangat hidrat, menenangkan, dan memurnikan kulit Anda saat Anda tidur.

IDR 85,000

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Laneige Water Sleeping Mask-MODEL(500X500)

Reformulated for Revitalised Skin
With more than 16 million bottles sold globally since its launch in 2002, the Water Sleeping Pack was awarded the World Class Product of Korea certification in 2014 by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy – a first in the cosmetics industry. The revolutionary skincare product has also seen five reformulations, each a step up from its predecessor.

This year, the new Water Sleeping Mask, renamed from Water Sleeping Pack, has evolved into a functional sleeping mask, with three exclusive patented technologies that work in synergy to deeply hydrate, soothe, and purify your skin as you sleep.

1. Purifying: SleeptoxTM
A purification technology that repairs the damages caused by various external aggressors during the day and also restores the skin to its optimal condition overnight by preventing degeneration of skin cells. It comprises two key ingredients: the antioxidant-rich Hunza Apricot extract that helps to boost and strengthen the detoxification and purification ability of the skin, and the skin-healing Evening Primrose Root extract that helps the skin to discharge contaminants from the skin that has been accumulated in the day. According to the results from a clinical demonstration after seven days, with three times usage, the size of pores showed a 15.5% reduction in appearance and the skin also showed 26.3% improvement in radiance.

2. Moisturising: Moisture WrapTM
A moisture-rich beta-glucan mineral network that forms a porous moisture film to lock in moisture and stabilizes the effective ingredients in SleeptoxTM to be continuously delivered deep into the skin throughout 8 hours. Clinical results showed that, after seven days of use, those who have had a good sleep the night before reported a 9.6% improvement in skin moisture, while those who have had a bad sleep reported a 15.79% improvement. Overall, 97.5% of the 200 users testified to a better skin condition the morning after use of Water Sleeping Mask.

3. Soothing: SleepscentTM
Containing natural fragrances from Orange flower, Rose, Ylang Ylang, and Sandalwood Oil, it helps relax your body and mind to improve the quality of sleep. This promise is backed by clinical data, which showed that the patented scent works to prolong the two stages of deep sleep by 36% as well as reduce body movements during sleep by 60%. The improvement in the quality of sleep will, in turn serve to strengthen the skin’s regenerative ability.

How To Use
To be used before bedtime as the last skincare step, after skin refiner and emulsion. Using the provided spatula, take an appropriate amount (approximately 2.5cm in diameter) and dab it on nose tip, cheeks, forehead, and chin. Inhale for three seconds, allowing the SleepscentTM to soothe your mind and body. Gently spread the mask over the face and leave it overnight. Recommended usage: Twice or thrice a week.

Song Hye Kyo_Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

Kiky on 11/21/2015
Masker gel lembut dengan Sleeptox yang mampu membersihkan dan mengembalikan kulit yang lelah, serta adanya teknologi Moisture Wrap yang menyelimuti kulit dengan kelembaban saat kita terlelap. Wajah menjadi lebih lembut, lembab, kenyal, bercahaya, dan cantik keesokan harinya. Gunakan Sleeping pack ini setiap 2-3hari sekali sebelum tidur.
1. Kaya akan Sleep-Tox yang merevilitasi kondisi kulit selama tertidur. Membersihkan kulit yang stress dan sensitif sepanjang siang, menyegarkan kulit seperti habis tidur.
2. Moisture Wrap yang mengembalikan kelembaban kulit selama tidur. Mengandung Beta Glucan kenyal yang membentuk lapisan pelindung kelembaban, Hydro Ion Mineral Water, sari akar bunga Evening Primrose, dan sari aprikot Hunja yang meresap ke dalam kulit selama 8 jam tidur, membuat kulit muda.
3. Skin Soothing Formula yang menenangkan dan menyamankan kulit selama tertidur. Formula aman, bebas iritasi / lulus tes Non-komedogenik dan tes panel kulit sensitif.
4. Aroma Sleepscent yang menyamankan tidur. Aroma Sleepscent yang khusus dibuat oleh Amore Pacific untuk produk ini, menyamankan tidur sehingga sel kulit bisa beregenerasi selama tertidur.
Produk ini dapat digunakan untuk semua jenis kulit, wajah yang kering atau berminyak.
Cara pakai:
1. Gunakan setelah toner/ moisturiser
2. ratakan pada wajah, dan oles dari arah dalam ke luar.
3. Bisa digunakan juga pada bagian leher
4. Pada area yang kering bisa digunakan lebih banyak
5. Biarkan semalaman dan bilas keesokan paginya

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